Backlash Over No Deal From Business Experts Put UK Govt. In Dilemma

The attempt by UK government to find a solution to the Brexit situation due to Irish border has run into problems due to activities of its own advisors. According to documents with BBC the terms of agreement between both countries has stalled as UK’s business experts are not willing to sign on it. They are worried that the signed terms could be used to maintain a plan of action if there is a no-deal Brexit situation so they are asking for alterations. The Trade Union Advisory group (BTAAAG) that is largely made up of business leaders from Northern Ireland was recently appointed by government to develop and test ideas for alternative arrangements.

The team members have been appointed by Dept of Exiting the EU to give them advise on usage of new technology that can retain current flow of goods across the Irish border even after Brexit occurs As per the document the purpose of this group is to look for alternative arrangements without causing prejudice to UK’s regulatory relationship with European Union. During a meeting committee members asked ministers that were present to alter objective and ensure that their conclusions should not be used for endorsement of no-deal Brexit.

Participants during the meeting expressed concerns that there is no concrete commitment to abide by 2017 Joint Report which was an agreement by UK and EU to avoid a hard border situation. The Joint Report has not been mentioned in any terms of reference or it its background context paper but report been prepared to as per details of three advisory groups. As per a source at the meeting a number of concerns have been raised about government’s approach to Northern Ireland that sell nearly a third of their milk to UK with a warning that their herds would have to be reduced. Both EU and Irish government have stated their decision to talk about a technical solution to the problem.

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