Amazon Prime Launches On Cable-Based TiVo Boxes

There is no such thing as normal old television anymore. There is satellite and cable, and an apparently endless collection of content platforms and streaming services, so clicking around your choices can be a little clunky and time consuming. But TiVo is making an effort to streamline the procedure. From this week, Amazon Prime users will be capable of accessing content of Prime Video directly via their TiVo box. Sitting next to other video streaming applications already provided by TiVo, the app of Prime Video will also comprise specific HDR and 4K Ultra HD content, along with behind-the-scenes content for top TV shows and movies. Find it via OneSearch feature of TiVo.

On a related note, Facebook earlier claimed that it is including a series of new functions to Portal. Beginning with Facebook Live, you will now be capable of livestreaming from Portal squarely to your profile on Facebook, a function that is questionably overdue considering what Portal is all about. Watch Together is now accessible on all Portal machines—not only Portal TV—so you and your closed ones can gather up together in front of videos even if you are apart.

Other new functions comprise the launch of WhatsApp login, which unlocks up Portal to those without an account on Facebook, and Mic Drop—a latest lip-sync experience that allows you sing along to well-liked songs and perform them during a call on an AR stage. Photobooth is now accessible on Portal TV, as well, allowing you add effects, click videos and selfies, and share them from your TV using Messenger. Facebook has also launched a Workplace function, developed to assist remote employees better work together with colleagues.

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