Americans Sit For Prolonged Periods Despite Warning

Researches had conducted a survey on more than 50,000 US citizens for a time period of fifteen years, starting from 2001. The researchers focused on sitting trend in front of computer and television screen. The data was collected after taking different age groups and ethnicity into consideration.

During a press interview, Yin Cao said that none of the subjects were seeking a healthy lifestyle. He further said that the researchers had also tried a lot to educate people about the harm caused due to sitting for a prolonged time interval.

In another press event, Graham A. Colditz said that people acquire sedentary habits during their growing stage. Dr. Colditz further said that it is the need of the hour to educate children about the benefits of staying healthy so that they would restrain from a sedentary lifestyle. He further said that the sedentary lifestyle basically leads to various physical and mental ailments.

According to the team of researchers, the average sitting time of teenagers and adults has increased at a drastic rate which is very concerning. During an exclusive interview, Cao said that till present researchers do not have solid data which could provide them enough knowledge about sedentary habits of US citizens. Cao further stated that now it is the time to see whether a great change can be brought in the US citizens through public awareness or not.

After thorough research, scientists found that black people, obese patients and physically disabled are the ones who spend most of their time watching television. Dr. Colditz showcased his concerns that how they could make the American population aware of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. He further pinpointed that most of the parents do not send their kids to play outside due to the unsafe environment in which a considerable number of American population is living.

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