Trump Sues 2 Banks To Prevent Them From Handing His Financial Data To Congress

Donald Trump has filed lawsuits against Capital One bank and Deutsche Bank to prevent them from sharing details about his financial transactions with congressional committees. The lawsuits which were filed by Trump Organization and his three eldest children Eric, Donald Junior and Ivanka says that Congress has no legitimate basis for investigating their family business. But Democrats argued that the blocking attempt will not deter them. A spokeswoman from Deutsche Bank affirmed to NYT that they are committed to providing required information to authorized investigation though Capital One did not issue any statement on the incident.

Congress is investigating financial dealings of Trump’s family and has issued subpoenas to banks that deal with the family’s projects. The lawsuit is aiming to block these banks from divulging the details arguing that these subpoenas have no legitimate of lawful purpose. It argues that the subpoenas were issued to unnecessarily harass the president’s family by rummaging through his personal finances and business and were driven by political motive. The lawsuit also states that Democrats are hoping to discover some hidden details that they can use to publically embarrass the president.

The subpoenas to Deutsche Bank was issued by House Intelligence and Committee and Financial Services Committee which is one of Trump family’s oldest lenders, asking for documents and materials related to its financial dealings with the family. Chairwoman of Financial Services Commission Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff chairman of House Intelligence Committee stated that the lawsuits were “meritless” and Congress would not be deterred by such issues as the subpoenas were part of investigation about foreign influence on political process of United States. Earlier Deutsche Bank in 2017 had rejected a similar request by House of Representatives for details of President Trump which had been led by Robert Muller alleging collusion between Russia and presidential political campaign.

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