Apple Can Blend Health, Financial Services To Venture Into Medical Billing

There could be no better solution to solve one of the biggest reasons of U.S. bankruptcies than a launch of an effective medical billing system by Apple. And experts believe that Apple has the infrastructure to do it!

Medical debt is a huge problem in the U.S. with only around 40% of the medical bills getting paid today. All is not because the people do not want to pay. As per Consumer reports, the unpaid medical debt of about 3 in 10 Americans with medical insurance goes to a collection agency. Among them 24% do not know about it and 13% never got a bill sent to them to become aware of the payment. The reasons for this unorganized scenario in the medical billing segment are many. Confusion arises majorly due to lack of clarity and transparency.

Apple could help to alleviate this problem and ensure that medical bills are paid on time and simultaneously not let the credit score of the patient be affected due to the non-payment. How can this be done? One suggestion given was by using the Apple Pay feature in doctor’s clinics and hospitals, given the popular usage of this feature while making mobile payments. This could enable willing patients to pay some upfront fee in full or part and solve the debt problem to some extent. Integration with health providers would be required and Apple is equipped for it.

Apple has begun by making investments in health related technology which will be of help in every doctor’s clinic throughout the states of the country. It is also moving positively in the financial segment via the introduction of a credit card and its Apple Pay service. What is needed now is an amalgamation of the efforts in these two sectors to enable Apple to come out with an efficient and effective service for medical billing!

And if anyone can do it then it is none other than Apple!

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