Google starts appeal against 2 billion GBP shopping fine

The European Commission fined Google a whopping 2 billion GBP for abusing its own power over its shopping services. According to Google, it is the best when it comes to customers shopping online. The petition against the world largest search engine will be heard in the next there days.

The cause will be heard in a General Court in Luxembourg. Google had been fighting against the allegations stating its innocence. The total fine that Google has to pay is 2.4 billion GBP that was imposed in 2017.

Google said that it is appealing against the European Commission for the penalty imposed on the company.

According to Google, the world’s largest shopping engine has made it easier to find the right type of products to the customer while they are shopping online. It has helped the local merchants to increase their business and revenue by expanding their customer base on a global basis.

The representatives of Google said that they will be looking to demonstrate the fact that Google has actually helped to increase the quality and the choice for the customer for online shopping.

Google will fight against the law authorities for making them understand that it had allowed its rivals to access its products in a fair way and maintaining that all the legal obligations are followed.

It will be comparing against rival companies like Amazon with its own online shopping services which have largely diminished due to the Jeff Bezos headed company which most people prefer to look for products while buying them online.

It had earlier complied with the EC and now Google displays its own ad results first at the top of the page followed by others who have to buy the advertising slots.

Other small companies like Kelkoo, Twenga, and Foundem will also support the EC during the case hearing.

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