Barco Rolls Out XDL Series Of 4K Laser Projectors

Barco, the Belgian tech firm, lately rolled out a new series of laser projectors named as the XDL. The new series was launched at InfoComm 2018 that later ended in Las Vegas. Developed particularly for very huge events and venues, the XDL series, as per the firm, is very powerful. In addition, the series offers remarkable contrast, Rec. 2020 color images, and native 4K resolution of almost 120Hz. The firm states that the XDL range provides almost 75k lumens brightness that offers pictures with astonishing colors from a sole unit.

As per Stefan Vandemaele, Product Manager at Barco, the new devices provide 2 powerful advantages to huge events: power and superb images. “With the XDL range, we have been capable of combining the best of 2 worlds,” he claims. “It offers astonishing colors. This is due to a laser light source recognized from our state-of-the-art image processing and Flagship cinema projector from our best-trading UDX projector.”

As per Barco, the XDL powers up the installation procedure by lowering alignment time and cable hassle. The projectors offer a lens shift of almost 100%. The pictures are matched to the surface of projection with the real-time onboard blending and warping feature.

Firms that already have Barco XLD+ lenses will be capable of reusing them on these new projectors. So employing a laser light source, the lamp-associated and image flicker maintenance & costs (such as replacements of a lamp) will be removed. The firm states that the XDLs with 8K-supported input also eats 40% less energy and guarantees least downtime in comparison to Xenon projectors.

On a related note, Canon recently extended its projector series in India with the rollout of Rayo Mini projectors. The launch included 2 flagship models namely Rayo R4 and Rayo i5, both of which are targeted for B2C and B2B sectors.

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