Hello,  friends, I am writing this article to tell you about the various shortcut keys in a personal computer. generally, we all know about the short keys like ‘alt+f4′, ‘ctrl+ c’……….this article contains many shortcut keys that may help you to reduce your type.

Now I would like to say some of the shortcut keys are…

  • To open a new tab, we need to press ‘ctrl+ t’.it is to open a new window
  • Suppose you have closed a tab and you want to open it again just press ‘ctrl+ shift+ T’.it is to open recently closed tabs.
  • If you want to open a new private window in Mozilla firefox type ‘ctrl+ shift+ p’.
  • To copy the shortcut key is ‘ctrl+ c’
  • To cut the shortcut key is ‘ctrl+ x’
  • To paste the shortcut key is ‘ctrl+ v’
  • To minimize the window that is opened, we need not to click on minimize button just click on windows key+ d’
  • ‘Ctrl+ w’ is an another shortcut key which is used to close the current window quickly.
  • To delete the last word that you have typed the shortcut key is ‘ctrl+ backspace’.
  • ‘windows+ m’ is used to minimize all the windows at a time that you have opened.
  • ‘ctrl+ h’ is used to know the history.
  • To rename the file use ‘F2’ key
  • If you have typed any program in a software the shortcut key is to save the program is ‘ctrl+ s’
  • To print any information use the shortcut key ‘ctrl+ p’
  • Spacebar key is also used to move down in the pages
  • to refresh the current window that you are using use ‘ctrl+F5’
  • ‘F5’ key is used to refresh the system.
  • if you want bold letters to use the key ctrl+ b
  • if you want italic letters the shortcut key is ctrl+ I
  • to underline any word use the key ctrl+ u


These are some shortcut keys that I know I hope it would be helpful to you. If you any doubts you can ask me via comments and share THIS ARTICLE

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