Pokémon Quest Now Obtainable On iOS And Android

The cube-shaped and free-to-play action RPG from Pokémon Company, Pokémon Quest, is now obtainable for mobile gadgets. Users can now play with blocky Pokémon and visit Tumblecube Island on iOS and Android.

Pokémon Quest was declared and rolled out in May on Nintendo Switch. We define the Switch variant as a stripped-down but still pleasurable take on the Pokémon brand.

In Pokémon Quest, users lure in voxel Pokémon by arranging up base camps on Tumblecube Island. Users then take a group of 3 monsters into the game, although not employing the turn-based familiar combat of other Pokémon RPGs. Pokémon Quest is obtainable now from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It provides in-app purchases and is “free to start.”

On a related note, Superdata (the analytics firm) claimed that more users played Pokémon GO in May 2108 than at any point since the launch of the game in July 2016. The game earned $104 Million in May 2018, which is a 174% increase from the earlier year, and the game had 147 Million active consumers in the time frame.

If you are thinking this jump was owing to the new inclusion of trading into Pokémon GO, then that is not the case. Remember that this is information from May and those inclusions just came lately in June. As such, we have to accept that June is going to be jumpier in comparison to May, setting new milestones for the game.

The mot odd thing is that we cannot point to one particular thing as to why this jump would have taken place in May. We believe that it was a conclusion of the updates from last year, since finally players were capable of going out and exploring all 3 generations of Pokémon. Let us see as to how many records will the game break in June.

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