Change’4 To Decode Moon Mysteries

Change’4 To Decode Moon MysteriesChina’s Chang’e 4 mission became a success when the spacecraft made its 1stsoft landing at one side of the moon. This corner of the moon is filled with mysterious celestial bodies. Chang’e has actually landed on that side of the moon which is mistakenly referred as the ‘dark-side’ of the moon.  It is mistakenly called so. In fact that side receives sunlight.

This side of the moon is located at the back of earth and is usually not visible from the planet. Chang’e 4 will collect data from this extreme corner of moon. This data might help space researchers understand the evolution and formulation of moon in a better way.

The spacecraft landed near Von Karman crater; it expands across 115 miles and contains several ingenious rocks. These rocky structures provide some clue regarding the internal built of the moon. The crater also has some volcanic structures. These are in the shape of cinder conic volcanoes which are found on earth. The pictures might also give some hint on how the solar system was formed. The images from the far end of the moon might also provide information about why both ends of moon differ so much from each other.

According to Mark Robinson, who is the main investigator with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC), informed, one side of moon is thicker than the other. LROC captures high quality images of moon’s surface; all the images are black and white. According to Robinson, Chang’e could even measure the mineral content of the rocks present at this end of the lunar surface. It is an already known fact that this part of the moon has less quantity of potassium and phosphorus than the other end.

Chang’e is already functional and has sent the first images from the moon surface.

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