Charlie Munger issues warning about future on Wednesday

Longtime business partner of Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway’s vice chairman, Charlie Munger, has issued a major warning about future on this Wednesday.

He said that there is a lot of trouble which is about to come and he said so at the annual meeting of shareholders in Los Angeles. He said that there is a lot of wretched excess.

Munger who is the chair of a publisher had highlighted the amount of risk which the investors had been taking when they had invested, especially in the region of China.

Munger has said that in China, they are fond of gambling on stocks which is not the wisest thing to do with the way the Chinese hold their stocks.

In United States itself, the investors have been facing a lot of risks which range from the impact of coronavirus to the uncertainty which is going on with regard to the presidential elections which are coming up. Also, it has been announced on this Wednesday that budget deficit has seen an increase by 25% in the beginning four months of 2020 period to a level of $1.06 trillion. Though, the Dow Jones and S& P 500 had managed to hit their record highs on this Wednesday.

Munger had also been critical of EBITDA and said that it was ridiculous as the earnings which are without interest depreciation and taxes are not reflecting accurately the amount of money which the company is making not like the traditional earnings.

The shares of Uber had jumped in the previous week after it had said that it was moving their target of EBITDA profitability for the 4th quarter in the year. He also questioned the innovation boom.

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