Trump Rips Into NY’s Story, Defends The US On The Breastfeeding Issue

According to the report of the New York Times, the US has threatened the countries for the resolution that showcases to promote, protect, as well as support breastfeeding. The prime concern depicted by the US was regarding the language. However, the report was stated as false by a government spokesperson. To support the efforts showered by the US, Trump has tweeted that the US undeniably supports breastfeeding.

The Times has submitted a report based on the interviews conducted with the numerous meeting participants. The US negotiators in Geneva have expressed their opposition to the campaign that is supporting breastfeeding across the world. They have also reported having compelled the other countries into following the same.

Ecuador was also looking forward to instating a bill that showcased the support of the country towards breastfeeding. However, they postponed the plan as they received the threat of suspending the military aid and trade retaliation from the US.

Even the officials have threatened to stop the aid offered by the US to the WHO which is more than £89 million or $118 million. This amount is around 15% of the total budget of the organization.

The resolution was first introduced by Russia, which was later redesigned as a result of the pressure from the US. According to the US, the addition of the phase evidence based on the language will stop the unauthorized promotion of foods for the infants as well as the toddlers.

According to the report of the Times, the policy suggested by the US was to support the profit of the infant food companies. On the contrary, it was observed that the developing countries have been more successful in selling milk formula than the developed countries. WHO has also conducted various studies that reveal that the breast milk is more beneficial than the artificial milk formulae.

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