Do You Also Have Problems With Your Computer Freezing?

Let’s Have A Look At The Causes And Solutions For Your Freezing Computer!

Many users have often complained about their computer freezing at times. Here are some reasons as to why your computer freezes:

  1. Overheating- The overheating of your device can also make your computer slow or make it freeze. If the temperature is very high, it can also damage your device.
  2. Driver Errors or corrupts- Drivers help in creating a link between the hardware devices and the operating system. A faulty or damaged driver can also cause such a problem.
  3. Too many running programs- When a lot of programs are running in the background, your computer might act up and begin to freeze.
  4. BIOS Settings– Try manipulating or updating the BIOS settings of your device.
  5. Insufficient RAM- If your computer freezes frequently and regularly, there are chances that your computer might not have sufficient RAM.
  6. Faulty external hardware devices– Damaged or faulty hardware devices such as USB, mouse, or keyboard can also be one of the main reasons for this problem.
  7. Computer viruses– Computer viruses can also affect your system and cause it to freeze.
  8. Missing system files– Corrupted or missing files present on your system can also cause damage to your computer.
  9. Software errors– Regardless of all the above-mentioned things any third-party software can cause problems in your device and may lead to freezing.

Solutions for your freezing computer-

Solution 1- Does your computer freeze? Trying clearing up space!

If the C drive of your computer does not have enough space, your operating system will keep freezing because drive c is the location where all the files related to the system are stored.

Therefore, to have fluency while using your computer you need to make sure that there is enough free disk space available on the c drive. If your c drive is running out of space, try deleting some unwanted or unnecessary data from your drive.

Solution 2- Does your computer freeze? Update drives.

If free up space does not help in solving your problem, updating all the device drivers in your computer to the newest versions. The method you have to apply to update your device drivers is mentioned below:

Step 1- Right-click on my computer option for this PC option present on your desktop. Then click on the manage option and select the option for device manager.

Step 2- Select and open the category that according to you contains the device you want to update.

Step 3- Update the drivers according to the version of your windows to their newest software.

Solution 3- Does your computer freeze? Try fixing the memory problems.

If you are under the suspicion that your computer is associated with some kind of memory problems that are resulting in the freezing of your computer, try diagnosing the windows memory diagnostic by following the given steps:

Step 1- Select the windows and R keys from your keyboard. A run dialogue box appears where you have to type “mdsched.exe” and press enter to execute the command.

Step 2- Click on the option skating restart now and check for problems.

Step 3- Windows will restart your device. Now check if the problem of freezing still pertains!

Solution 4- Does your computer freeze? Try restoring!

If your computer is still freezing, try performing a system restore on your device to avoid this problem. Your windows might be corrupted. The steps to do so are mentioned below-

Step 1- Click on the start button and open my computer or the pc from your desktop.

Step 2- Select the targeted drive. The one which you want to recover.

Step 3- Scan the selected drive and preferably wait until the full scan is done.

Step 4- Select all the files you need and press the save button to restore them in a safe and sound place.

Solution 4- Does your computer freeze? Try getting your PC checked.

If none of the above-mentioned methods work, the last option you have is to take your PC to a repair shop and allow a computer engineer to diagnose your device by navigating and fixing the problem


We hope that the above-mentioned problems, causes, and solutions were helpful to you. Wishing great health to your PC 😉

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