Contact Of Skin With The Giant Hogweed Caused 3rd Degree Burn To A Teen

While working in a garden for a summer job, a teen got encountered with a big hogweed which caused his skin burn. A 17-year-old boy named Alex Childress from Virginia was working in a garden where he was removing the unwanted weeds. He thought that it was a simple bush and the hogweed got brushed on his arms and face. The next day, the outer layer of his face’s skin started peeling off what he assumed as severe sunburn.

His family members soon got to know that Alex was suffering from a 2nd and 3rd degree burn due to his direct encounter with the giant hogweed plant, so he was shifted to the burn unit for further treatment. Though he got discharged from the treatment, he was not allowed to go in sunlight for 2-6 months as his face’s skin has became very sensitive to sun light which may be left sensitive for about 2 years.

The giant hogweed plant is also characterized as Federal Poisonous Weed in an Act of Plant Protection. It is illegitimate to transport this plant between different counties without a license, but this plant is still seen in many counties and states due to its invasive character. The contact of hogweed with the skin can start its reaction in just 15 minutes and its contact with the eyes can even result in blindness.

So, while removing such hazardous plant, one should wear safety clothing and a goggle. The plant has white flowers on the top and it can grow about 15-feet high. The roots of this plant should be digged and removed as it can re-grow very fast. The use of herbicides can also be helpful but it may take a longer time to eradicate it totally. The help of contacting authority should be taken while removing a hogweed and spraying herbicides.

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