David Tepper Says Time To Buy Stocks

David Tepper Says Time To Buy StocksThe news is making it to the headlines that as the stock market continues to decline, David Tepper keeps buying stocks. The manager of the Hedge fund said that he is really interested in buying more stocks when the market is suffering from one of the worst weeks in past ten years. On December 24, 2018, he informed Scott Wapner that the market although sensitive is still very tough to compete and investors cannot bear to slacken their wits for a moment. The investments that they make must be very clear to them. And when the market declined points even more on Monday, it came as a chance to him to buy himself some more stocks and wait for the right time.

Although not the ultimate low points, but Dow Jones Industrial Average has definitely been suffering on the lower side still now with a loss of 200 points again on Monday. Sources said that this is in fact a sign of their revival rather than downfall. From the past during 1930, the index has been terribly falling down at a bad rate to make its final move in December where it astounds and leaves everyone hopeless. David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management possesses about $14 billion in form of assets saved under the strict observation of the management. He had told during October that he was one very aware of the market and not playing with the stock purchase business aimlessly.

Be it President Trump or members of his Congress and administration, everyone has expressed uncertainty regarding the recent downfall in the market. Trump has also made a tweet on Monday raising his concern over the matter. In the tweet he has said that the Federal Reserve’s increased interest rates are to be blamed for this. He said that they do not feel for the market at all.

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