Experts rule out any previous virus for the mysterious disease in China

There is a mysterious pneumonia which has sickened many people in China and there was only one information which the health officials have for sure and that is that this is not being caused by any of the past culprits like the virus of SARS.

As per the health officials, it was reported on Sunday that there were 59 people who had been diagnosed with an illness which was mysterious as of the 5th of January with all the cases originating from the city of Wuhan which is the capital of the Hubei province. The victims had been experiencing fever commonly although there were a lot of them who had developed more breathing problems too. There were a few patients whose medical imaging showed that there was no clear sign of any lung infection and there were seven people who were in critical condition as of now.

The culprit in all likelihood is a virus and the doctors have been quick to rule the suspects which usually cause the respiratory illnesses out such as adenovirus or influenza. The less certain was the re-emergence of the virus which had caused SARS. This virus had been discovered for the first time in the outbreak which happened in the year 2002 and had made more than 8,000 people sick and taken 700 lives particularly in Hong Kong and China. However with the latest update, the health officials of China had ruled the possibility of SARS out alongside the viruses which were causing MERS.

The experts have been certain that this is a new illness and no one has gone through this kind of illness before in the world.

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