Fifth And Sixth Boys Set Free As Rescuers Enter Thai Cave Again

A 5th and 6th boy have been saved from the cave in the northern Thailand where a football team and their coach have been entrapped for over 2 Weeks. Resources at the location mentioned the 5th boy showed up before 5 pm. After minutes, an ambulance went through the media center a few kilometers from the cave, trailed by a helicopter after short time passing overhead.

Around 6 pm local time statements showed a 6th boy had also been rescued from the cave and was given treatment in a field hospital. The divers at the location stated on Monday morning they were getting ready to enter the cave again where they spent over 8 H on Sunday directing 4 of the 12 entrapped boys to release.

Later the officials verified the divers had got into the Tham Luang Nang Non cave at around 11 am local time. The leader of the joint command center directing the operation, Narongsak Osatanakorn, said, “We sent the 2nd team at 11 am.”

He mentioned the conditions that had elicited the operation on Sunday—decreasing levels of water in the cave, the willingness of rescuers, and the mental & physical health of the trapped boys—were equivalent on Monday morning as well and the rescue had started 5 hours before than anticipated.

An official from the forestry department of Thailand stated water levels were still decreasing in the cave owing to numerous pumps functioning within and had not been significantly concerned by the intermittent rain of the last 48 H. He said, “The level of water is not worrying.”

Apart from this, reports of the release of the initial 4 kids on Sunday was addressed with ecstasy in Thailand; however, rescuers stated there are still noteworthy threats with more boys are still to embark on the dangerous 3.2 km (2 miles) travel through the narrow, jagged, and muddy cave.

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