Gmail Right-Clicking To Get A Whole Lot More Helpful

Google is lastly dealing with one of the more annoying traits of web interface for Gmail by repairing the right-click menu, including a lot more choices in the pop-up list that must make it way more helpful.

As upgrades go, it is a pretty easy one: once the update hits your account, you will be shown with list of choices when you perform a right-click on a mail, including options to forward, reply, move, label, snooze, and mute emails. These options should have honestly been present a long time ago. Evaluating that to the earlier right-click menu gave just a measly 3 choices: mark as unread, archive, or delete.

Google claims that it will be launching out the update beginning this week to G Suite consumers with Rapid Release domains. Scheduled Release users will get the update in the coming week, although it will likely take extra days in either case to launch. No pipeline for free Gmail accounts has been offered, though if earlier trends hold, it will possibly make its way in the coming days to your inbox sometime.

On a related note, Translate stays one of the true workhorse apps by Google. It is not exciting or flashy, but many of us will be lost in its absence. The newest upgrade is setting the stage to eliminate a very old feature, but recommends a pretty good option as its alternative. Also buried in the code is a line recommending fresh regional translation support, but it might or might not really represent anything fresh.

One of older features of the Translate (SMS Translation) will be biding adieu soon. As per a message coming into view in the translation screen for SMS, it will be eliminated at some point in the coming period. The message does not appear to be coming automatically on each device, but switching “Tap to Translate on or off” seems to activate it.

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