Google Project Zero Discloses Bad iMessages Might Brick Your iPhone

Natalie Silvanovich, security researcher for Google Project Zero, has revealed a problem with iMessage that can result in the Apple handsets requiring to be restored as well as erased to work correctly.

Silvanovich claimed to the media that a malformed text, having a text key that was not a string, might cause an exemption to be spilled. When this property was employed by another way believing it was a string, but never verifying it really was a string, it lead to one more exemption to occur.

“On a Mac, this lead to soagent to respawn and crash, but the code is in Springboard on an iPhone,” Silvanovich claimed. Springboard is the app that manages the home screen of iOS. “Getting this message will lead the Springboard to respawn and crash frequently, leading the UI not to be shown and the handset to stop answering to input,” the security researcher claimed to the media in an interview.

“This condition gets back to normal upon a hard reset, and leads the handset to be useless as soon as it is opened.” Silvanovich claimed there are 3 methods to unbrick a handset, but they all comprised restoring or wiping the device.

On a related note, Business Chat by Apple is no longer an elite club for big firms such as Burberry and the Four Seasons Hotel. The Cupertino-based firm is extending the service and offering you a method to communicate to all 820,000 Shopify vendors through iMessage.

Some vendors such as State Bicycle and HODINKEE are already employing Business Chat to interact with their clients, but now Shopify and Apple are launching out the option for everybody, comprising sellers outside the US. Shopify claims that the new function will make it simpler for merchants to offer real-time support, particularly if they are operating their businesses completely on mobile.

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