Goonhilly, ASA Shake Hands For Pushing Space Economy

A new phase of space research is on its way as Goonhilly Earth Station partners with Australian Space Agency. Goonhilly is aninnovator and a space gateway. This partnership is supposed to encourage me expand space research both in Australia and United Kingdom. The new strategy also involved making advantages of space available to businesses, institutions and governments.

One of the activities which both these space partners have started is Goonhilly engagement in the proposed Co-operative Research Centre (CRC). The prime aim of this consortium is to improve navigation, connectivity and capability to monitor across the Australian continent. The partnership is also targeting to increase the resources of the country by solving the satellite related issues. Both the agencies are also trying to solve communication issues.

Goonhilly will also be helping the Australian Space Agency to develop the space communication assets. The company has already opened its office in 2018. The office is under the able leadership of Bob Gough. The company is planning to invest more in its infrastructure and facilities so that they can provide better services to more complicated space projects.

The purpose of the partnership is also to enable Australian businesses enjoy the complete benefits of space research and innovations. One such service offered by Goonhilly is its Enterprise Zone. Through this business area the company will offer Australian businesses the opportunity to be a part of the advanced space ecosystem. Through this zone, the company is also trying to construct an economical European base where business can be grown.

Another approach Goonhilly took to enhance the growth of the economy of Australian Space is by trying and testing its business model. The model involves development of close working relationships and with national and international governments, academicians and businesses. Dr. Megan Clark AC, who is the head of the Australian Space economy, informed that they are excited with this partnership.

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