How Do You Send A Ringless Voicemail?

Have you ever heard your phone buzz, ring, or light up as if it was receiving a call, only to see it stop immediately before you receive a voicemail notification?

If so, then you’ve experienced a ringless voicemail. It’s a way for businesses and nonprofits to relay information to their customers or constituents quickly and with the personal touch afforded by voice. If you’re interested in sending a ringless voicemail as a part of your own marketing or communications campaign, here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

 Craft your message

 Any communications campaign starts with a strong message, and it’s vital that you tailor your message to the medium. Think of the typical types of voicemails you receive: often they are short, to the point, and have a friendly, casual air.

In writing the copy for your message, it’s vital that you follow these same principles. Doing so ensures a much higher ROI by leaving your customers with a familiar type of message that matches the other kinds of voicemails they may receive.

 Consider your audience

 Beyond the sorts of messages you create, it’s just as important to consider your audience before you send out a ringless voicemail. While it may be tempting to send to the largest portion of your contacts list, it’s not always legal to use this kind of technology for certain purposes or with certain audiences. Make sure your business complies with the latest TCPA rulings.

That being said, if you are delivering an emergency message, leaving information for a patient, attempting to collect a debt, or have already received permission to send marketing information to the customer via telephone, a ringless voicemail drop is completely appropriate. If you have any questions about compliance, most voicemail drop businesses will be able to assist you.

 Record your ringless voicemail

 Once you’ve determined that your message, usage, and audience are all TCPA compliant, it’s time to actually record your message. Some businesses choose to hire a voice actor in order to ensure a professional recording consistent with their brand, while others just record messages in-house.

Consider which option makes the most sense based on your audience; after all, there’s no sense hiring a voice actor to handle your debt collection calls, but it may be worth seeking a high-powered individual in the community if your message is part of a political action committee’s campaign.

You don’t even need professional recording equipment to record your message, either. Many businesses offer a methodology that allows you to call in and leave your message, just like leaving a normal voicemail. This helps ringless voicemail stay cost-effective for small and mid-sized businesses.

 Deploy your ringless voicemail drop

 After you’ve created the perfect message, deploying your voicemail drop is a simple enough task. Best of all, some businesses even offer free ringless voicemail drops up to a certain amount, so that you have the opportunity to test out a service before fully committing. This can ensure that you’ve followed the above steps properly and have created an effective way to communicate your message to your audience.

When it comes time to purchase more ringless voicemail drops, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that most companies offer their services at a variety of price points able to accommodate any budget. Some even offer unlimited plans so that you can record, schedule, and send ringless voicemail without having to pay a penny over your monthly membership fee.

You can choose to send out your campaign immediately to everyone on your list, or schedule it for a future date and time that may work better for when a customer would be interested in hearing from you.

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