How To Recover Data From Hard Disk Via Minitool Power Data Recovery

We’re going to talk about a program intended for that purpose. MiniTool power data recovery allows a quick recovery of files from a HDD (including external) after accidental file deletion or disk formatting. The program searches for documents, photo, video, audio and other file types. Even if they’re damaged,  MiniTool data recovery can find them by signatures.

How to recover deleted files from hard drive using MiniTool Data Recovery

Step 1. Downloading the program on a PC

Advice. Stop all file operations right after you find out that the data stored on a hard drive has disappeared. If files disappear from an external hard drive, disconnect it from your PC. If they disappear from an ordinary HDD, try not to work on that PC until file recovery or at least don’t write anything on the partition with deleted files. This will prevent overwriting of data.


MiniTool power data recovery free trial allows you to check program functionality. The amount of files you can save is limited, however, you can recover some of them and purchase a license after making sure that the program works.

Step 2.Choosing loacation for scanning

After installing, launch  MiniTool power data recovery. All devices available for scanning and recovering will be displayed in program launch window.

Open “Hard Disk Drives” list in order to select the partition you need.

If you know exactly where the files were stored, you can specify it in “Specify a location” section.

Power Data Recovery

Step 3. Scanning a hard drive

There are 2 stages of HDD scanning in MiniTool power data recovery to scan. The progress is displayed in the program sidebar.

As the scanning progresses the results are also available; they can be sorted and viewed, but only if the files are successfully recovered. All data is filtered according to its type: graphics, documents, video and etc. Thus, it’s possible to fully operate the program while it scans.

For the best results, wait till the end of scanning. It may take some time  depending on the size of your hard drive.

Power Data Recovery-1

Step 4. Recovering search results

You need to select the file types or separate items on your computer to recover files from hard disk. After marking them in check boxes, click “Save” button.

Power Data Recovery-2

It’s better to choose as the place of storage an external hard drive, flash drive, Dropbox cloud or, if there is no other way, hard drive partition from which no files were deleted.

Don’t forget that MiniTool power data recovery free version allows to recover only 1GB of data. There are no other limitations.

Checking the recovery results. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, try scanning on another drive, returning to program main window.

Why MiniTool power data recovery Personal

Personal version removes trial version limitations. You can recover as many files as you need. In addition, the purchase of a license also includes free technical support, which means that you can contact MiniTool experts on any question.

MiniTool power data recovery is a classic program for recovering data from a hard drive. Other products from this category in the terms of functionality and work features are as same as this program. However, you can always try an alternative variant, presented in our catalogue.

If you failed to recover deleted files from hard drive, ask us any questions and send comments. If MiniTool power data recovery didn’t help, read other guides on our website. Good luck!

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