Hubble Space Telescope Captured A Galaxy Full Of Blue Color Threads

The center of the universe tends to have the most beautiful and intriguing things, not just because it witnesses the supermassive black hole, but also due to the rare, blue in color galactic cores.

The team which is a joint venture of NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) handling the Hubble space telescope are referring it a “misshapen Lake System,” released an image of galaxy IC 4870, named “Seyfert Galaxy” which is situated around 28M light-years far from us.

The most distinctive and unique feature of this spread is gases of bright blue colors which looks like the thread weaving around the center of the galaxy.

The ripple of blue colored gas threads around this galaxy appeared like a misshapen lake system. The IC 4870 galaxy consists of an active galactic nucleus, a heavily bright central region which has the capability of outshining the remaining galaxy.

Hubble and even the earlier astronomers before the telescope has researched IC 4870 for a long time, and the DeLisle Stewart, the American astronomer, is the first person who discovered it is 1900. So, due to this, the researchers have fairly good understanding o uncommon “lake system: in the galaxy.

In the center of the IC 4870 is an active nucleus of galactic, a heavily bright region which has the capability of outshining the complete galaxy, and which is supposed to get its power from the supermassive black hole present within it.

And it is luminous in many ways including the range of what we can see, and as the active galactic nuclei release radiation in visible light, as well as infrared, UV and everywhere on the electromagnetic spectrum from gamma rays to radio rays.

It has some distinct type of emission that categorized it as a Seyfert galaxy, which is usually the galaxy with small, bright cores. This gives it an appearance like a lake, but it has heavy radiation which makes it a hazardous place to swim.

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