India Plans 2 Days Simulated Warfare In Space To Secure Outer Space Assets

Indian military has planned to start a 2 days simulated warfare in Space. This is the first space warfare exercise that took place on July 25, 2019, in order to make a doctrine of joint military space so that the nation can be assured of securing assets outside space. Reasons for such an endeavor came out in a daily Indian newspaper, Times of India. It said that there was a requirement for exploring effective operational, strategic and tactical exploitation at the frontend of warfare. India cannot just keep watching and do nothing while China creates and fulfills new goals for them. Matching up with China at this stage might not be possible but they must have potential to safeguard their assets in space.

This step has come after four months since India has been listed under the selective nations who could shoot down satellite using their own huge missiles. The tri-service command under Indian military has been handed over the responsibility to keep a check on the test runs of IndSpaceEx in Bay of Bengal at Andaman Island. During May, Indian military took initiative in creating tri-service commands for handling space operations, Special Forces and cyber security. Each of these commands should begin functioning towards the end of 2019.

India had been successful in conducting anti-satellite missile trial during March in 2019. India was proud to mention that they have reached an all new level in deterrence potential like that of China, U.S and Russia. Previously, India was part of 30 years of exclusive peace development protocol. However, with the recent development in deterrence technology which is a significant part of their space program, India has set some futuristic goals concerning space. Chairman of Defense Research and Development Organization, Dr. Satheesh Reddy talked about working on many new technologies such as lasers, co-orbital weapons, electromagnetic pulses etc.

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