iPhone Battery Replacement Kits By iFixit Will Cost $29.99

iFixit, the firm that trades device repair kits, claimed this week that it is going to keep trading its kits for iPhone battery replacement at a price tag of $29.99, the cost that Apple billed for its certified replacements last year. If you need to get your handset repaired at an Apple shop, the price now varies from $49–79.

The iFixit kits comprise everything you require to restore your iPhone battery, comprising a suction handle, tweezers, a precision bit driver, and the battery itself. The firm is trading kits for every model from iPhone 4S to iPhone 8 Plus. Obviously, keep in mind that if you replace the battery with unofficial components, Apple likely will decline to service your handset.

Apple only reduced the cost by $50 of its battery replacements after it was found in 2017 that the firm deliberately slowed down earlier handsets. Apple regulated the cost to make peace with consumers after its speed-slowing method was found.

On a related note, iFixit earlier traded its first kit for RAM replacement of Mac mini. Having an introductory price tag of $165, the toolkit comprises 16 GB of RAM well-matched with underequipped RAM slots of your new Mac as well as the goods you require to snoop the metal shell open of Mac mini in order to access its RAM slots. Those include an angled tweezers, PC4-21300 16GB or 32GB RAM, 4mm precision bits, precision bit driver, iFixit opening tool, and spudger.

For evaluation, if you purchase a new Mac mini base model directly from Apple and selected more RAM, you will need to pay $200 for the additional 8 GB RAM. In contrast, if you purchase iFixit’s kit for $165, you would receive all the equipments you require for future and current RAM replacements, in addition to the 16 GB RAM to use together with the default stick your devices is shipped with, summing 20 GB of RAM.

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