It’s Just the Same at Google…Diversity Figures Tell All

Google had committed to revamping the entire system in order to inject diversity into it. However, the endeavors failed to reflect the same. The staffs who have been employed by the tech giant failed to reveal diversity in comparison to the previous pattern. The vice-president of diversity, Danielle Brown also stated that endeavors have been offered from the end of the authority but more needs to be given. Strategic moves and stricter measures can only implement diversity in the system in spite of the present scenario. She had further stated that the firm will be including more senior leaders in this work to drive the effort in the positive direction.

In America 90% of the people are either Asian or white, 3.6% are Latin American, and 2.5% black. On the other hand, Google had 70% male staffs and has been maintaining this trend since 2014. The attrition rate in 2017 was highest among the Latin Americans.

In 2017, an employee of Google was fired for bringing the point into notice that the top positions in the company lack female employees due to the biological differences in both the genders. He also mentioned that the concept needs establishing which reveals that the gender and sexism are not similar.

The tech sector in America along with Google has a same internal pattern of employing people that doesn’t reveal any kind of diversity in the workforce. However, Google has been struggling to implement diversity for a long period of time.

Microsoft also sings to the tune of Google with 81% and 19% male and female employees respectively. The leadership positions had 2.2% Afro-American or black while 66.8% white. While in the genre of tech the figures reached 2.7% and 53%.

Facebook also revealed that in 2017, 28% of the senior leaders were female while in the US, the statistics for white and black were 71% and 3% respectively.

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