Song Key Finders

A key signature is a set of symbols which makes us know what key a song is in. to find out the key of a song you can search key by ear or a song key finder. Key finders help you to detect the song and also to calculate bpm. Given below are the top 5 key finders.


It helps us find any bpm of popular songs as it is a web-based song key finder and bpm finder. You can search the song name in the search bar or you can upload the song from the computer to find the song that you want. Go to the detail page where you will find all the information of the song such as key, BPM, Duration, Popularity, Camelot, Loudness, happiness, energy etc. this key finder also helps you play the music using the spotify play button.

AudioKeyChain –

The free song key finder helps you to find the key of music and count BPM. It supports MP3 and WAV files and the file size should be less than 15 MB. If you don’t want to convert your audio format then you can try built-in music library. Now you can find whatever you want by typing the name of the song or the name of the artist.

Keyfinder –

It is a free and open-source key estimation tool. It has not music library management and media player like the other song key finders. This is just a key detection tool which helps to find the song key and shows the metadata of a song.

Mixxx –

It is an excellent music key finder software for DJ. It is compatible with all the operating systems and also supports the common audio format which is MP3, AIFF, and FLAC. It also shows how many BPM a song is and shows other metadata information’s like, Album, Artist, Bitrate, Duration etc.

Rapid Evolution –

Same as the other key finders, Rapid evolution detects key, BPM, and beat instantly. Its supports audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, MPC etc. also it helps you to save and share the information of the songs which you detected. 


All the above key finders have their own strength. Select any one of your choice and find what key a song is in.

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