Measles Outbreak In Michigan Linked To NY

The health officials of Michigan have confirmed the outbreak of measles in Oakland County and the outbreak is being associated to the outbreak which is ongoing in New York. The public information officer of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Lynn Sutfin, said that a male from New York had traveled to the Southeast Michigan using a vehicle. She said that he unknowingly contracted measles on his visit there. All other 38 cases of measles in the Southeast Michigan are associated to this person, she added.

The health officials of the state have reported 39 cases. The outbreak which is ongoing in New York in the Jewish neighborhood started in October when a child who was not vaccinated was infected with measles on his visit to Israel.

Since that time, many cases from Queens and Brooklyn have been reported wherein individuals who were not vaccinated acquired measles on their visit to Israel and also, people who did not travel were infected too in Rockland County and Brooklyn, said the department of mental hygiene and health of New York.

The department on Monday said that two people, one from UK and the other one from Ukraine have contracted the disease. As per the World Health Organization, there have been reports of 72,000 measles cases in last 12 months, which is the highest in the country. In total, 500 measles cases are reported in New York during this outbreak and 332 out of them since the month of January and 40 new cases have been identified in the last week. The health commissioner have announced the guidelines on Tuesday for those who have been tested positive for measles or for those who have been identified by health officials as being exposed to measles or those who are below 18 and not vaccinated. All these people have been asked not to go out for 21 days.

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