Moon Will Have Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, And Saturn As Company

Soon the full moon is going to have serious competition. The lunar spectacle that is called as the Sturgeon Moon is going to share the sky with Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter at different points in the early hours of morning and evening, providing us plethora of reasons to stare at the sky.

The Sturgeon Moon, the name derives from the freshwater fish that was once discovered in huge number. The full moon reaches at the time when Mercury is reaching towards it far away western elongation, or on an angular distance from Sun.

Having Mercury at the farthest corner from the Sun that is precisely at 18.3 degrees from the sun, it will create a great opportunity to have a glimpse of the internal part of the planet from Earth. Mercury will come up at 4:46 am on the same night. Though the moon will not be on its fullest, it will be quite visible. The Sturgeon moon is going to be accompanied by other planets that will be visible in all day long.

Mars will come up at around 6:20 p.m. and gives a vibrant view till 3:05 a.m. the next morning. The red planet is going to have the brightest of the planetary appearances, gives the viewers are perfect visibility who lives on the east coast of the United States.

The space viewers who started gazing at the early hours of Sunday Evening will have an opportunity to see Venus at around 9:10 P.M, along with Jupiter which will be visible only till 10:38 pm. In the regions where the environment is little darker, individuals will get a chance to see Saturn for a longer part in the night till 1:27 am of the next day.

The regions with less light pollution will see the parade without a telescope. All the times are as per the Eastern Time zone.

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