NDMA Found In Diabetes Medicines Outside The United States

The presence of a carcinogenic substance had earlier prompted the recall of a few medicines related to blood pressure and medicine known as Zantac. Now, the FDA has been looking at the possibilities of the same impurity being present in the drugs that are used for diabetes.

Lower levels of carcinogenic NDMA had been found present in the medicines of metformin in a few countries. This medication has been used all over the world for the treatment of diabetes. A few agencies which are not from the United States have begun the recall of the medicine, however, there are no recalls active presently in the United States.

As per the release of the FDA, the levels in which NDMA is present in the drugs outside the United States are as of now within range and this is something that naturally occurs in water and food. The FDA is presently investigating whether the metformin which is used in the United States has the presence of NDMA and if it is indeed present in the higher levels than the acceptable levels of daily intake.

NDMA is a usual contaminant which is found in the foods, vegetable, dairy products, and water as well as in grilled meats. This is not harmful when it is ingested at the lower levels however the risk may increase when a person is exposed to it beyond to levels of acceptability for a longer period of time.

FDA has said that the investigation is a time-taking one and has said that the issues are going to affect the health of the patients in a lot of ways and the goal of the FDA is providing the patients with as many answers to their questions as possible.

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