New Year Resolutions Are Hard To Keep, Instead Let’s Try This For New Year 2021

Every year, we all make one or the other resolution thinking of making a difference this year. Many people make efforts to actually endure and accomplish their resolutions. However, many of them find it difficult to keep up their resolution. The likely reason for it is to misjudge how much time is required to form a good habit and lash a bad one out. Popular belief says 21 Days but it actually needs around 66 Days to get a hold of a new habit. Also, a long listing of big habits is made by people that they wish to amend like doubling income, losing weight, quitting drinking/smoking—goals that need substantial efforts and time. Thus, we devastate ourselves by emphasizing extensive changes instead of on small ones. Worth giving a thought, isn’t it?

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New Year Resolutions

Start with intention

Try putting less pressure on oneself by building the routine of making regular daily, weekly, and monthly goals rather than making a huge trial about backbreaking resolutions.

Begin with the here and now

Goals are in relation to the future, whereas an intention is based on the present. Uncertainties are what the future is all about and hence can result in anxiety. We can, however, stay grounded with the present.

Goals with intention

We are motivated by goals, it offers our life a structure and gives purpose & meaning. Nevertheless, when coupled with intention, one receives the finest of both worlds. We are driven to our future self by goals with intentions while keeping us resolutely rooting us our present self. Doing so helps us keep up with our future planning.

Let mind and heart function collectively

Taking goals with intentions into consideration, it is not merely about balancing between present and future, but also between mind and heart. If one develops a customary practice of setting mindful everyday intentions, they can push their mind and heart to function in unison with each other as they drive toward actually accomplishing their highest potential. Last but not least, encourage yourself to stay on track.

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