Office 365 Data Export Tool – Best Backup Solution For Office 365

Scenario: “I was using Office 365 for the last 2 years. Then, something wrong happened to my database and all my data was corrupted. I do not know what to do. All my data was inaccessible. At that point, I realized how important is it to keep a regular backup of data. The data of Office 365 can be safeguarded by exporting it to an offline email service provider. The O365 data was migrated to Outlook PST format and EML file type. This can be done with the help of Office 365 data export tool. I would like to say that this is the best backup solution for Office 365 in 2018. This tool did great work for me.”

About Software: It is a user-friendly tool to export mailbox from Office 365 to PST format. The graphical interface of the product is very simple. No technical expertise is required to operate this application. Just a few clicks and accurate outcomes are produced by the utility.

Descriptive Features of the Office 365 Data Export Tool

  • Export a Single and Multiple Mailboxes

The Office 365 export tool permits a user to store one or more mailboxes from Office 365 account to the local system. The impersonation feature for admin account helps a user to export multiple mailboxes from the Exchange Online domain.

Migrate to Outlook PST, MSG and EML Formats

The tool permits the user to backup Office 365 mailboxes into PST and EML format. By doing so, the data from cloud storage will be backed up in the local machine. The entire data from O365 data is auto-mapped, saved and migrated to other file types.

  • An Option to Apply Naming Convention

When the data of Office 365 is saved in EML file format, the tool permits the user to choose a naming pattern for saving resultant EML files. In case, multiple mailboxes are exported into EML format, the chosen pattern will be applicable to all.

  • Selective Office 356 Data Export Facility

When Exchange Online mailboxes along with other data items are exported to any file type, the tool equips a user to convert only some specific data and rejecting the other. In this way, only the required data is backed up and the other irrelevant data is left.

  • Microsoft Exchange Online Restore Option

Using this export utility, users can retrieve their Office 365 data from the PST file obtained. With the impersonation feature, multiple PST files formed can be reverted back to the Exchange Online database. For this, a user needs to log into the O365 account and select the option of restoring data.

  • The Original Folder Hierarchy is Maintained

Even after the data is back up from Office 365 to PST and EML, the original data formatting is not compromised. All the metadata properties are preserved while downloading Office 365 mailboxes to PST. No modification has been done in the earlier layout or style.

Working of the Office 365 Data Export Tool

  1. Launch Office 365 Mailbox Export tool on the local system
  2. Choose the folders that are to be exported to PST or EML format
  3. Specify the destination folder where resultant files are to be saved
  4. Finally, migrate Office 365 mailboxes to other file types

Specification of the Office 365 PST Export Tool

  • Compatible: The product supports Windows 10 and other below versions
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor, but recommended is 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM is available but, recommended is 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Storage: Minimum of 50 MB of free hard drive space is required

Different Editions of Office 365 Export Tool

There are distinct versions of the O365 PST export tool, these are:

  • Trial Version
  • Licensed Version

Trial Version: Any user or organization can use this demo edition. It can be downloaded from the official website of the Office 365 Export. But, there are some shortcomings in this edition. It exports first 100 Office 365 emails to PST or EML format and only first 100 mailbox elements are restored to Office 365.

Licensed Version: If a user is happy with the working of the demo version, he/she can invest in the paid version of the application. There are no limitations of the licensed version. Office 365 mailboxes are exported to PST and EML type, and the PST mailboxes are restored back to Office 365 without any restrictions on the number of emails.

Pros and Cons of the Office 365 Data Export Tool


  • Save database on the local machine for offline access
  • Selective export of Exchange Online database
  • The resultant PST file can be exported back to O365 cloud storage


  • This utility does not work on Mac operating system.

The Observational Verdict

It happens with many users that they lost their data just because the data is stored in the cloud. No doubt, the cloud offers many benefits to its users. But, the only limitation is if the data gets corrupted due to any reason, it cannot be accessed. So, it is a wise choice to obtain the best backup solution for Office 365 cloud. For this, the professionals recommend using Office 365 Data Export Tool. For the Outlook-like interface it offers and the accurate result it yields, I would like to rate this product as 9.8 out of 10.

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