Prices Elevated On Hundreds Of Whole Foods Market’s Products Owned By Amazon

Reportedly, prices of Whole Foods Market are rising day by day. Prices have risen among hundreds of products of Whole Foods to cover the rising costs for transportation, ingredients and packaging as per the reports given in The Wall Street Journal, which said internal company communications have been reviewed by them. The paper reported that, dozens of items have been increased in this month, comprising soaps of Dr. Bonner and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. In the month of December, 550 extra products were found with increased prices.

The suppliers were charging more for products because of inflation; the paper who reviewed one of the emails said this. According to a list reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the items based on inflation upsurges range from ten cents to many dollars along with detergents, soaps, nut butters and oils taking nearly of the maximum surges. In a joint announcement held recently, the firm said that, in the month of August 2017, the Whole Foods Chain for 13.7 billion dollars was acquired by Amazon with an idea of producing organic, natural, and high-quality food of Whole Foods Market for everybody.

On the 1st day, prices were cut on best selling grocery staples counting meats, fruit and dairy. Spokeswomen of the firm told The Wall Street Journal that, nearly half of seven hundred items were stopped marketing by Whole Foods with dying agreements and new contracts on hundreds of more was instituted. Whole Foods said in a statement to USA TODAY, increased costs from suppliers has been experienced by the company due to labor, materials and transportation, and much of the inflation have been absorbed by them. we prefer to remain dedicated to including to lower prices with Amazon as we transport on our task to produce natural, organic and high-quality food more accessible and affordable, Whole Foods stated in a recent statement.

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