Remove and Keep a Track of Apps That Can Access Your Facebook Data

Most of us have been on Facebook for almost a decade now. Over these past years, the service provided by social networking websites has extended its limits and now has entrance door to a hefty amount of personal user information. Using Facebook credentials, it is likely to log into external services and apps.

But majority of us don’t really keep a trail of all the services and apps that we have logged into using Facebook. As a result, these services and apps keep on pulling out our personal data for their own utilization.

Access Your Facebook Data

Conversely, there’s an approach you could keep a trail of all the services and apps that use your Facebook credentials to log in. There is a devoted segment in Facebook’s settings page that rolls all the services and apps that you have logged in to, from the time when you have created the account. You can also remove these services and apps preventing them to access Facebook account data.

To make this happen, go to the ‘Account Settings’ and tap on the ‘Apps’ in the Facebook app. This will open a page that displays all the services and apps that you have logged into using Facebook credentials.

Moving on, tap on ‘Logged in with Facebook’ and a catalog of all the services and apps that have admission to Facebook will show right there. Click on each item to remove its access and permission from using Facebook.

Well, this process will help you to remove those unwanted apps that are extracting your data. If you do have any other method, we would highly appreciate your contribution.

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