Top 4 Smart Photoshop Software Tricks

Yes, Photoshop is referred to as the most preferred and favorite image editing software. No doubt that with each revision, Adobe adds more power to the program. Well, PSD (Photoshop Document) image file is extremely flexible for your project. You can give try an online PNG to PSD converter to convert PNG to PSD image files.

Well, come to the point, in this informative context we’ll going to reveal some tips and tricks that you can use in Photoshop. Let’s find it!

Top 4 Smart Photoshop Software Tricks

How to Make Merged Vector Shapes Editable?

In Photoshop CS6, you can be able to merge two or more vector shape layers and even keep the result as an editable vector. Remember that even consists of a vector layer and if you want to turn PNG into PSD, a free PNG to PSD converter is the right way to proceed.

Well, from the layers panel, you ought to choose both vector layers and simply hit Cmd/Ctrl + E to simply merge them quickly.

Remember that early Photoshop versions would lead to a rasterized layer, but Adobe software updated this functionality for CS6.

How to Finish Text Editing Quickly?

When it comes to working with text in Photoshop, all the shortcut keys won’t work. If you quickly want to finish editing text, then all you need to tap Cmd/Ctrl + Return. This is the thing that will move focus outside the text field, even allow you to quickly choose other tools using the usual shortcut keys. It is indicated that PSD files use vector paths and shapes, and transparency for better representation. You ought to get the best PNG to PSD converter online that allows you to save PNG as PSD without affecting the layout of an image.

How to Cross two images For a Color Effect?

Well, do you need to create your own “Instagram-like” filer now? Well, quit worrying, you can simply do it by combining photos inside Photoshop. And, if you are required to change single or multiple PNG image files to PSD image files, then a free PNG to PSD converter by theonlineconverter does all for you!

Well, what you need to do, let’s find:

  • First of all, you have to open a photo with an interesting color palette
  • Very next, you need to open up your photo that you wish to edit
  • Now, you have to Go to Image > Adjustments > Match color menu
  • Choose the color intensity until you people got satisfied with the outcomes
  • Hit Ok, once done!

How to Remove Unwanted Objects Automatically?

Well, if you want to remove individuals and other distracting objects from any photo, then here we tell you how! But before knowing that you could try a PNG to PSD converter online that is the best support for converting regular PNG images to PSD files while preserving the image quality. Well, come to the patent point again, take your camera on a tripod, and commence with taking 15 shots of the same view, also spaced 10 seconds from each other.

  • Open Photoshop software
  • Now, move to File > Scripts > Statistics
  • Then, you ought to choose “median”
  • Very next, choose all the images that you have taken
  • There you can see that the tool will look at what is the difference in the photos and remove it

Well, stick with the above-mentioned tricks for PS (Photoshop) and growup with sharp editing skills.

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