Samsung Upgrades Older Gear Watches With Useful Fitness Tools

Samsung Upgrades Older Gear Watches With Useful Fitness ToolsAs focused as Samsung may when it comes to Galaxy Watch, it still has abundance of affection for its older devices. It is launching out an update for the Gear Sport and Gear S3 that includes a flurry of welcome functions, specifically if you are fitness-minded. Samsung Health upgrades now support various indoor exercises, and you can join together workouts if you are switching between routines. Meanwhile, the Health Widget now provides sleep stage data.

You will also see some upgrades that must assist you save time and relax. Sleep and Theater modes assist you turn off distractions and have “faster and easier” controls in the Quick Panel. You can toggle sources of music on the watch rather than using a handset, as well. Text messaging is simpler with both quicker replies and drafts, while even the settings segment has got a renovation with enhanced discovery functions.

The software renovation was only accessible in the US as of now, even though it is anticipated to reach other nation in the days to come. While these updates will not make you forget that you have a slightly old-gen device, they will keep it pertinent.

On a related note, Samsung earlier declared one thing that seems like an upgraded version of Chromecast. Its TV sets in 2019 will permit you to access your computer remotely. Annoyingly, the details in press release by Samsung are spare so the media do not know which tablets, computers, and handsets the new Remote Access function will operate with.

VMWare, the firm that Samsung is joining hands with to provide the remote access capability, does provide software on most of the primary operating systems, comprising macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Hence, one can assume the Remote Access function may work all over platforms.

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