Say bye-bye To Group Chats On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been really helpful in these recent years, may that be for communication, keeping in touch with your group of old school friends, or current colleagues or a temporary group for some work or project. Apart from this, it is also got as it allows sharing media and important documents whenever they are needed urgently. Most of the chatting happens in the group. Sometimes, one thing leads to another and the chit-chat in the group becomes chaotic, which creates inconvenience to comprehend and convey the messages that you receive or send. Moreover, it becomes irritating for someone who does not take an active part in conversation and leads him or her to either mute the group or leave the group.

To avoid such circumstances, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature which is only for group chat. This new feature includes the option for the group admin to allow no one but him or her to send the messages. This change isn’t something out of the box or extra-ordinary, but it surely will keep the chat topic more relevant and will allow everyone to read and comprehend the message rather than just receiving bunch of messages that often divert the subject or do not reach the conclusion or reliable solution. To turn this feature on, you first have to open the chat, then tap on the options and then group setting. Then, you have to select the option “send messages” and then choose the option “only admin”.

To avoid such circumstances, WhatsApp previously came up with an option of “mute the conversation” back when it was still an emerging trend. It allowed the user to select in between the options “mute, but receive the notification” and “mute and hide the notification”. This was helpful to avoid the chaotic group chats, but many a times, important messages were ignored, causing disputes among the groups. Thanks to the new feature, at least we can hope that such chats might end in logical and relevant conclusions.

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