Shapes, Colors, And Logo Types The Best Out There For Your Logo Design Business

There is no denying the fact that most logo designs we encounter often take their inspirations from the previous graphic designs which are trending in the market. However, while graphic designs keep on changing every year, businesses don’t usually settle for a logo change option for an average of 3 years.

Shapes, Colors, And Logo Types The Best Out There For Your Logo Design Business

Today, I am going to discuss some of the things that rarely change when discussing a logo design.

And without further ado, let’s begin.

  • The Use of Bright Colors in Logo Design

If there is one thing that seldom changes in modern-day logo designs, it is the right use of bright colors to make your logo stand above the competition. Don’t just buy my words for it, go ahead and see! Some of the vibrant logo designs are the most appealing options among modern day generation.


Because bright colors speak the essence of youth into the heart of its visitors. Everyone loves to feel young now and then. Whether it is your employee or it is your customer, when they become a part of your bright colored logo brand, there is a high chance that they would ever feel bored working with or for you.

2) Gradients in Logo Design Just Might Not Die Yet

Remember when Asana changed its logo design to gradient colors! It sent some real ripples into the digital world. Who knew back then that such a commendable step taken by a firm to optimize its logo design with gradient colors would rank the brand as one of the top project management tools?

Yes, gradients became a trendsetter back in 2013, and they have carried their legacy forward into the future. Most brands which are now using gradients as a part of their logo design are successful in attracting the attention of their targeted customers. Everyone wants the younger generation to make the most of their web products, and that’s exactly what gradients are offering. Combine them with bright colors and watch the magic happen!

3) Metallic Logo Designs Are Having Strong Influence on Businesses

In a brighter and recognizable digital world of today, a metallic logo plays an influential role that none can compete. A metallic logo dictates the true power of resilience which compels the audience to put their trust within a respective brand. Gone are the days when Metallic designs were limited to jewelry brands alone. Nowadays, metallic brands are immensely used in almost all kinds of brands.

If you want to design a product that holds some class and high-quality imagery for business, then look no further than a metallic logo design. It will definitely have an everlasting influence on the mind of visitors.

4) Geometric Shapes in Logos can Add Real Diversity

When it comes to logo design, geometry and logo design are often considered a match made in heaven. Why? Because logos are all about displaying your symbols and nothing fulfills the purpose best than geometry. After all, geometry is all about symbols and shapes design in an orderly manner.

There are two types of logos. There are ones which introduce a sense of chaos within your brand. It outshines your brand as a rogue and vibrant platform which may sound a little risky for a sophisticated business. While too much of sophistication can often leave the customer confused and not sure whether they should open up with their burning ideas with you or not. The use of geometric shapes in your logo design will help your company win the consent of your customer in every possible way.

For example, a circle represents something as a whole. When it is used in a logo, it sends a sense of completeness. Similarly, every shape in geometry has its own significance. Let the customers explore.

5) The Never-ending Era of Minimalistic Logo Design

Do you yearn to give your logo a steady, sophisticated, clean and simple look without making it look any less impressive? Then switch to minimalistic logo design. A minimalistic logo design can add simplicity to your brand like no other design in the logo design world. A great number of businesses opt-in for a minimalistic approach to logo design because they believe it communicates the message better.

Also, a minimalistic logo design may look good in all kinds of sizes. There is no too small or too big or satisfactory size in minimalism. Whether big, small or average, minimalistic design looks wonderful.

One more added benefit of having a minimalistic logo design is, it works well on all marketing channels.

6) Just like Logos, Minimalistic Logo Typefaces Never Die

If minimalistic logo designs are here to stay, then definitely the typefaces which support such minimalistic designs are also here to stay. These typefaces can range from black to white to colorful. You will be surprised to learn that such Minimalistic logo typefaces are created using a letter or two from the brand.

The minimalist typographic logos are often accompanied by a full brand name which goes well on different marketing channels such as business cards, brochures, billboards, etc.

7) Artistic Logo Designs Breathe Innovation to Logos

Ask a logo designer what is their dream job or dream task and they will tell you that they get the chance to design a logo where they can express their artistic soul in it. Yes, artistic logos have become a thing in 2019. However, as much as the brands are giving freedom to logo design companies so they can design artistic logos, they are also putting certain requirements on the table.

It is advised that when logo designers are choosing artistry in logo design, they should make sure that the logo looks best in all sizes. Also, it is essential that they make sure that the brand is educated in logos.

So that’s all for the day, these are some of the interesting logo design elements that are becoming the trend of the modern day business environment. If you have anything more interesting, bring to the table.

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