SpaceX Likely To Reach Another Reusable Milestone

SpaceX is on the verge of trial run of another reusable rocket soon enough and this is indeed a milestone achievement for them. SpaceX is known to run scheduled lands and arrange for re-flying of first stage booster. They were able to recover payload fairing at a launch event of Falcon Heavy on April 12th 2019. The CEO, Elon Musk mentioned that they have future plans to use it for another mission in this year. Musk gave this piece of information via Twitter on April 11th that both the fairing halves have been successfully recovered and would be put to re-flying for a Starlink mission in the latter half of 2019. He has also shared photos of space hardware on the social networking platform.

Payload fairings are the primary thing which surround and keep the satellite safe while the rocket launches it. SpaceX has not made may payload fairings fly again but that has been a plan of the company since forever. Each fairing is attached with an outfit made by the company. It is a certain avionics system along with thrusters which prepares it for a splashdown in the ocean. SpaceX has thought of this because fairings are very expensive and therefore they felt, they should be reused. Musk mentioned that every fairing costs around $6 million. The amount is approximately 10% the cost of a launch of any workhorse Falcon 9 rockets of SpaceX.

Musk has said that the fairings those were recovered yesterday would again be used for a launch of Starlink. The first launch of Starlink has been scheduled for May 2019. Falcon 9 would be launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. Musk has not revealed which one of the missions of Starlink the recovered fairing would be reused. SpaceX has tried several times to get back falling fairings by Mr. Steven which is a boat equipped with net.

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