Study: MIT Scientists Ends Up Creating A Psychopath AI

With the advent of technology, there is nothing which can work right with an AI with murderous instinct, am I right?

As the scientists at the prestigious MIT are among the smarter people in the planet and has more IQ than an average person, it has appeared that the researchers could take out some time to read a book or watching a movie every now and them, or at very least possibility of watching The Matrix or Terminator.

All these are suggested, just because of their newly started project in AI named “Norman”, the AI-bot who is a psychopath as well. The goal behind the creation of Norman, the name is derived after the Norman Bates, a Psycho from the Hitchcock Film, who is not to eventually end all of the humanity, but instead, to teach a lesson of the sorts of the outcome the AI will cause based on the given data.

Norman was on a diet of a continuous diet of guts, blood, and stab from an unnamed page of Reddit, and then command to look out for images in a usual Rorschach test. However, in general, AI might look close to a wedding cake; Norman will function in its designed manner and see a man who got killed by a speeding driver.

The test has some practical applications. Tay, an AI bot for Microsoft launched for Twitter which is aimed to get the data from people interacting with it. Though, the company failed to understand the evilness of thoughts which turned out Tay into a person with racial slur-slinging, which is why Microsoft has to deactivate it within a day after its launch.

The primary target of this innovation is to learn the way to make AI understand and handle the pressure and back to normal. It comes to an end with on a positive note; maybe next time, the company will find out the method of creating an AI which does not limit to the method of killing someone.

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