Tesla Battery Covered In Flames After Deadly Crash

In May 2018, an 18-year-old Florida teen along with his friend crashed a Model S Tesla driving at the speed of 70 miles more than the limit. Both were killed in the accident and the car erupted in flames so extremely that almost 300 Gallons of water were required to take the fire in control.

As per a report, the driver tried to pass a different vehicle with a speed of 116 Miles per Hour. After losing control, the car punched a curb following a wall, and was lastly stopped by a metal pole. Witnesses claimed that by the time the vehicle crashed on the second wall, they were able to see flames.

This is not the initial time a Tesla car has burned into flames. Sometimes, the vehicle can erupt in fire even without a crash, as shown in the video by actress Mary McCormack. The video is posted of Model S owned by her husband that is engulfed in fire on a Santa Monica Boulevard.

On a related note, Elon Musk, CEO of the U.S. battery and electric car maker Tesla Inc, earlier claimed that the firm will transport additional battery installers to Puerto Rico to assist re-establish power post Hurricane Maria blew out all fuel on the island more than a time frame of two weeks.

Musk also claimed in a tweet that he seek forward to speaking to Ricardo Rossello, the Governor of Puerto Rico, about what the company might do to assist re-establish power. “The interior Tesla Powerwall set up team in Puerto Rico is right now very tiny. Transporting skilled installers from continental U.S. to train and hire local group as fast as possible,” Elon Musk claimed in a tweet, indicating to the Powerwall battery system of the company. Tesla refused to comment additionally.

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