UAW members say no clear commitment shown by GM towards job security

On Tuesday, the lead negotiator of UAW with General Motors has told the members of the Union that GM has not shown clear commitment towards the building of vehicles in the United States factories that the union is considering important for their job security.

The vice president of UAW for their GM department has said that all of them in these sets of negotiations are concerned deeply about the job security issue. They added that although the strike has now lasted 23 days, the issue of job security is among their top agenda items and there has been little progress on it which can be reported.

The letter he wrote also added that the lack of commitment by the company to the locations of their UAW-GM has been impacting all of the members who are looking at getting the best contracts for the workers and the families of the workers. They said that they had openly been telling GM that they had not seen a solid commitment towards a workforce which is skilled and talented and has been responsible for the huge amounts of profits which the company has been making. They have made it clear that when the products of General Motors are made in foreign countries for the purpose of them being sold in the United States, there is no job security for the workers.  They said that it was difficult for them to understand the opposition of GM to this proposition of building the products which sell in the United States in their home country as well.

GM had earlier said that they had invested over $23 billion in the United States facilities since the year 2009.

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