Uber To Use AI To Identify If The Potential Passenger Is Drunk

Uber, one of the most renowned taxi app companies, is about to revamp the approach of admitting the passengers. As per the reports, it is all set to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into its system in order to identify whether the passengers are drunk or not.

The new technology will be giving the appropriate information to the drivers regarding the location, contact details, the angle in which the phone is held by the users, and also the pattern of typing information. This will allow the drivers to select whether or not they want to admit the passengers in the cab. The AI will be identifying the uncharacteristic activities of the users which include the intoxicated and vulnerable states.

On the contrary, it is also being speculated that the drivers can utilize the information to misuse the vulnerability of the passengers.

In response to all the criticisms, Uber stated that the company is not leaving any stones unturned to offer the finest service to the customers along with the latest technologies.

In 2017, Uber made headlines with the co-founder, Travis Kalanick, resigning due to the allegation of sexual harassment brought against him.

It was also reported that in the span of 4 years, 100 drivers of Uber have abused and sexually assaulted the passengers. Among those, 31 drivers have already been convicted of the crimes that included rape and false imprisonment.

Uber has been implementing numerous technologies to give a better service to the passengers, which includes implementation of a software program in the name of God View that accomplishes the activity of monitoring the real-time location of the drivers as well as customers.

The company also faced a data breach that exposed information of about 100,000 Uber drivers. This situation demanded an intense measure to implement privacy and protection of clients along with the drivers.

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