Will a Cracked Phone Screen Get Worse?

Today, many smartphone users carry around expensive smartphones with highly fragile glass screens. As a result, their phone screens begin to develop cracks over time or end up shattered by a single fall.

When a cracked phone seems to remain in good, functional condition, it can be tempting to ignore the cracked screen and put off repairs. But although your phone screen may remain intact after being dropped multiple times, repeated falls can significantly weaken a cracked screen and cause further damage.

If you’re using a phone with a cracked screen, here’s why you should invest in repairs rather than ignoring the issue.

Cracked Phone Screen Get Worse

A cracked screen will get worse

Cracked phone screens become worse over time and can lead to major damage and costly repairs. Cracks in a phone screen expose the internal components of your phone to debris, finger oils, and water. Over time, a cracked phone screen will become so damaged that it no longer responds to finger gestures.

Cracks in a phone screen indicate that your phone has lost its structural integrity. In other words, a phone with a cracked screen is more susceptible to shattering when dropped. Once your phone shatters, it will lose functionality and you won’t be able to use the screen at all.

Internal components are no longer protected

Your phone screen serves as both a user-interface device and as a layer of protection for the inner components of your phone. While a non-cracked phone screen can be easily cleaned with a dampened piece of cloth, water will seep through a cracked screen and damage the inner workings of your device.

In addition, many phones advertise water-resistant functionality. However, submerging your damaged phone in water will cause significant damage and potentially cause a short-out or more severe breakdowns.

Screen cracks create safety risks 

Cracked screens can be distracting, causing smartphone users to scroll or reorient their phone in order to view content on the screen. Screen cracks create distractions when multitasking and can create safety risks for drivers, who might have to take their eyes off the road to reorient their phone while using a GPS app.

A cracked phone screen can also injure smartphone users. When you run your fingers across the cracked glass, there’s a chance you’ll end up with small cuts. On the other hand, if the screen has severe cracks, you might end up with glass splinters embedded into your finger. If you carry your phone around with you, small glass shards may fall off the screen and into your purse or pocket.

Cracked screens reduce your phone’s value

Since upgrading your smartphone can be a costly investment, trading in your current device can help you save money on a new phone. However, a cracked phone screen can significantly diminish the value of your device by hundreds of dollars. Fixing your cracked screen can save you money in the long-term and eliminate the need to shell out cash for a new phone.

Investing in repairs can also prevent further damage to your phone. If you plan on selling your phone, hiring a team of professionals is necessary to fix it beforehand. Searching “cell phone repair near me” will yield a variety of cell phone repair services in your area.

If you decide to ignore your cracked phone screen, the condition of your phone will worsen over time due to internal damage and breakage. Hiring a team of professional cell phone experts to fix your phone will ensure that your device remains in good, working condition and retains its value.

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