Macron Speaks With Rouhani In An Attempt To Save The N Deal

A year has passed since the abandoning of the nuclear deal made with Iran, by the Trump government. This International deal, also known as JCPOA, is currently awaiting a challenge from Tehran. Among several threatening steps, the most important remains to be the intentional breach of the 300 kg stock holding ceiling of uranium which is low-enriched. Tehran however insists that they do not wish to overturn the deal altogether. The motive behind this step was to get a fair and equal treatment under the agreement.

In its defense, Iran says that they have always followed the terms of the agreement. The proof of their “good behavior” can be verified by IAEA, the nuclear watch dog of the UN. Now, Iran says that it is time to put a stop on the unjust treatment from the US. Iran always stuck to its end of the deal, while US have not only backed out of the deal, but are also making it difficult for other countries to establish trade relations with Iran.

The Trump critics have argued that he wants less negotiation and more capitulation. Hence Iran has decided to push back on the US pressure building tactics. The main fear remains to be the fact that as the nuclear deal shatters; nuclear activities can be expected by Iran, which might eventually lead to a conflict in the Gulf region. Unrest is already being noticed in the key allies of the Washington like Germany, Britain and France, who intend to see the continuation of the nuclear deal. They do share the concerns of Trump government regarding the active missile programs in Iran.

Iran is fighting back the breach of the ceiling was not against the terms of the deal. The intention behind the pressure being built up by Iran is to provoke the Europeans to take action against the US.

The Nuclear deal is at its crux and the actions of Iran in the next few weeks will decide the fate of the agreement.

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