Un-American Treatment Of Huawei, Microsoft Tells Trump

Microsoft executive states that the telecom giant Huawei is meted out unfair treatment that is un-American.

The President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft Brad Smith says that Huawei is being treated unfairly. He says that the company should be allowed to purchase U.S. technology.

President Trump had banned the Chinese telecom giant and blacklisted the company. Now, the Microsoft head questions why Huawei should not buy U.S. technology.

Smith criticizes the U.S. regulators who usually defend their action when criticized about the ban on Huawei, saying that they know more than what is revealed to the common man. Further, the trade war has worsened relationships between the U.S. and China as tariffs are imposed on each other.

The ban on Huawei should be imposed only on a sound basis and according to the rule of law and the reason for the ban should be revealed to all, says Brad Smith.

President Trump had earlier criticized Huawei for working with close ties with the Chinese government. According to the National Intelligence Law in China, all companies should co-operate and support national intelligence work. This has brought many countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. to ban local firms from having business dealings with Huawei, regarding their 5 G networks.

Tom Ridge the former secretary of state in U.S. Homeland Security says that the obligation by the intelligence law asking companies to help the government in getting information makes exploitation virtually guaranteed. Ridge hopes that the UK will also take a decision against Huawei regarding usage of their technology.

Huawei is an important client of Microsoft as it buys software from the company for its laptops. By the restrictions imposed on Huawei, Microsoft will lose its key importance in the global technology market.

Other companies that are losing valuable sales with Huawei are Qualcomm and Intel. About $11 billion is lost through loss of sales to Huawei.

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