Rent A IPad In The Right Time

If you got here, it is because you have a need: quality and up-to-date equipment, available when and where you need it, without having to “spend a lot of money” to buy, much less spend on maintenance and support. Are we right? Well, if so, you are reading the correct article! Understand the advantages of renting iPads and when it is really worth hiring this service.

Rent A IPad In The Right Time

IPads rental vs Tablets rental

Each client comes to us with their own particularities, of course, and we direct them towards the best solution. Team models, for example, must follow the project proposal.

For market research, we usually indicate the equipment with the Android system, because it has greater compatibility with specific applications and software, a better cost-benefit, a customizable interface, among other features. Already in the case of the rental of iPads, normally, expectations and objectives are different. Let’s explain better with what follows! 

IPad rental: 5 times this is the ideal solution

  1. Events

Receiving guests in an agile, organized and sophisticated way, in all safety, you can already guarantee a perfect first impression, right? iPad for hire associated with specific applications enables a much more efficient reception for events, with digital lists and real-time support for participants. Apple has a very sophisticated look and that can positively impress guests.

  1. Fairs and congresses

Integrating technology and the digital world is a great strategy to add value and optimize various actions at fairs and conferences. The rental of Ipads can collaborate with each stage, from the organization, interaction with speakers, to the completion of the simplest tasks. For this, there are various solutions available on the market.

  1. Advertising campaigns

Great ideas need not have limitations. As the rental of iPads it is also possible to guarantee greater mobility and innovation in advertising campaigns.

  1. Training

Those printed brochures and agendas that only serve to make doodles, accumulate materials and annotations that get to tire the hand, are totally outdated. The rental of iPads allows greater economy by replacing the graphic materials and helping to potentiate training of all kinds, with interactions, links and activities for the greater enjoyment of the participants. A simple PDF brochure installed on iPads can now modernize your events.

  1. Sales

Going to the customer, writing down the order, returning to the company, making the inventory and accompanying the delivery of the products … takes a long time! The rental of iPads can make that process much easier, starting from a system that receives sales online, automatically and much more quickly.

First of all, by betting on the rental of iPads, you can take advantage of the benefits of technology to have ideal solutions, with more agility, control, economy and security, in different corporate activities, campaigns and events.

Consult with one of our advisors, learn more about the rental of iPads and how this service can enhance your projects.

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