How To Avoid Encounters With ROBLOX Error Code 524

If you call yourself a gamer, you must have played ROBLOX, at some point in your life. And while playing this game, there is a high probability that you must have encountered ROBLOX Error Code 524.

This error mostly occurs when you try or attempt to join a VIP server or join the game as a Guest. Did you search the internet for long hours and still could not find a proper solution that will work for you. Don’t you worry, in this article we have discussed the causes for this error and how to fix it?

What is Roblox Error Code 524?

You will encounter Roblox Error Code 524 when you try to join a VIP server, which might be as a normal player or as a guest. This error is just a potential barrier to stop you from entering.

Although there are more reasons besides the aforementioned ones, that might prompt this error. One of which is the functionality of the game, others may include issues with your mobile device. Some gamers have also claimed that this error may also arise due to connection timeout problems. But the most definite reason is what we explained at the start of the article.

Ways you can avoid the ROBLOX Error Code 524:

The most commonly asked question on the internet and only a few sites offer a solution to it. But don’t worry. We are bringing you a step-by-step tutorial that you can use to fix or avoid this error.

The three ways by which you can avoid this error are:

1.Seeking invitation from other VIP server players.

  1. Trying to re-install ROBLOX
  2. Starting a new server on ROBLOX games.

Seeking invitation from other VIP server players:

When you get a game invitation from friends who are already inside the game’s VIP servers, it makes it easier for you to join them into the server. And there is very little probability that you will encounter this error.

To enable invitations from friends you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned down below:

1.Go to ROBLOX Settings and click on Privacy Settings.

2.Scroll down to find “Who can invite me to a VIP server?.”

3.Change the selection from Friends to Everyone.

4.Click Okay to save and apply the changes.

5.Once the invitation is accepted, click on Join Game.

Reinstalling ROBLOX

If the 1st method doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have enough friends within the VIP server. You can try to reinstall ROBLOX. According to our gamers and other critics, this method is tested to resolve the error almost 95% of the time.

Reinstalling the game will remove any hidden errors and replace any missing files that may be causing the authorization issue.

Follow this step by step to reinstall ROBLOX on your device:

1.Go to the Control Panel on your computer system.

2.Select Programs and Features.

  1. Find ROBLOX, right click, and select Uninstall.

4.After the uninstall process is complete, visit the official ROBLOX website.

5.Click Join and ROBLOX will download the app.

6.Download the ROBLOX player and join the server.

Starting a New Server

Other steps don’t work for you? Don’t worry. Try this. Follow these steps to create a new server on ROBLOX.

1.Open ROBLOX, go to the Games section 2.Select the Chat option and invite at least 5 friends to play.

3.As soon as you join the game, leave the game party immediately.

P.S- keep in mind that this technique only works 75% of the time. If this doesn’t work on the first try, give it a couple of tries. You know as people say, Third time’s the charm.

Additional Reasons For The Error:

Some other reasons that might prompt this error:

Being Underage- If the player is under 13 or below, the developers might shut down the player after examining the evidence of the qualifying age of the player.

This evidence to EA showing that you are 13 or above is necessary. You can submit the evidence at the EA helpdesk.

Weak Internet Connection- If you have a connection that fluctuates or disconnects frequently, you will have a tough time because the packets can take forever to download, resulting in lags and game errors.

Consider using a wired connection if you have issues with the wireless connections.


ROBLOX Error Code 524 can hamper your gaming experience. It might not lie in the ROBLOX instead this might be a problem in the game instead, that you are trying to play. However, if you read our article and follow these steps, we can guarantee you that you won’t get worried if you ever get encountered by an error.

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