Strawberry Moon To Pass By Jupiter, Saturn—Report

The full moon which occurs in the month of June is known as the strawberry moon. The moon is supposed to occur on earth’s sky on 17th June. The event will take place at 4.31 am EDT, which is 8.31 am GMT. This is taking place right after one day of the moon passing by Jupiter. On 18th June, the moon is supposed to pass by Saturn. New Yorkers will be able to see the moon at 5.39 AM on Monday morning. This has been informed by the naval observatory team of United States.

Full moon occurs when moon is right at the opposite side of the earth from sun. Observers can see that the moon is reflecting the light from the sun. Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is shadowed by the orbit of the earth. The next lunar eclipse is supposed to take place on 16thJuly of this year. This event will not be visible from United States.

It is expected that the full moon will be extremely bright to the eyes. So people who will be seeing the moon through binoculars or small telescope should try using filters. The scientists have assured that the bright light from the moon is not harmful to the eyes. They have also informed that it might be difficult to observe the moon when it is in its half moon or quarterly phase. They also stated that lack of shadows can be barrier to be able to see the complete features of a full moon. Generally during a full moon, the surface is visible at the noontime. They suggested that using moon filters people can witness some special features. Else to see the features, they should observe the moon couple of days before the full moon or few days after it.

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